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"A Fine Blend of Simple Functionality & Smart Aesthetics"

Video Door Phone

Relax Your wife and daughter are alone at home. Safe and sound. Your wife and daughter are at home. In the middle of the afternoon, the doorbell rings. Who can it be now? She checks her video door phone. She opens it only if she knows who it is. Aha! It's the courier that you were expecting. And you…can be so sure that things are perfectly in order..

Temperature-controlled Swimming Pool

Recreate. Your friends will warm up to your welcome. Imagine going for a swim while it is cloudy and windy. Or in winters. Or under starry nights. You can, because the pool is invitingly warm. Temperature-controlled swimming pool. At Ark Cloud City.

Wi-fi Ready Apartments

Revel. Your home is fully Wi-Fi enabled.Rekindle joy! Now sharing with neighbours and friends is ever so easy. Simply activate your Wi-Fi wherever. Imagine downloading the latest bestseller on your Kindle while the kids splash in the pool. Or sharing a pic of the barbecue, right there on Facebook, that’s living it up on cloud.

Sensor Based Lights For Bathrooms

Rest assured. Your baby is taken care of. It’s the middle of the night. Your seven-year-old gets up to go to the bathroom. Tiptoe. Push the door gently. And lo, the bathroom lights switch on. Sensor Lights in bathrooms. Whether it’s elders at home, or new visitors, no more groping for switches. The sensors in the bathroom will also save you power bills by automatically switching off when you exit. Perfect.

Video Surveillance

Reveal. All that has ever happened. Life now has a rewind button. Your kids are cycling in the play area. You can be at peace. Video cameras are keeping a watchful eye on strangers. You can reconfirm who visited your apartment complex. Video surveillances adds to your peace of mind. Unwind. You are totally in control.

Smart Lighting Systems

Rejoice. Switch on your room lights, right from your smartphone. Your smartphone or mobile tablet can now be used to switch on or off the lights and fans remotely. Or suddenly when dusk falls, you simply switch on the study room lights. And your kids back home, their eyes sparkle. They know it is time for you to get back.


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