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"Ark Cloud City Received CRISIL***** Rating"

To help buyers benchmark and identify quality projects, CRISIL Real Estate Star Ratings provide city specific all-round assessment of real estate projects.

Ark Homes was Hyderabad's first residential project to be awarded 5 Star rating by CRISIL, followed by Ark Serene County in 2013.

CRISIL Star Rating considers the following key factors:

Project Sponsor Quality:
This parameter focuses on the developer's construction and legal track record and ability to complete the rated project.

Project Construction Quality:
By Providing independent assessment of aspects such as structural quality, amenities, likelihood of time and cost overruns, and after-sales services, this parameter assumes critical importance

Project Legal Quality:
This parameter examines the land title, sales agreement and various other statuory approvals and clearances of the project.

Project Financial Quality:
This parameter assesses the viability of the project, and financial flexibility and accounting quality of the developer.

Project Innovation Quality:
This Parameter examines the innovation in the project, and covers aspects such as construction technology and building design, among various aspects.


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